Are any of the protein supplements contraindicated or to be used only to a certain amount if someone is breastfeeding? Are there any exceptions to the 1g of protein per lbs of lean body mass rule? For example, if someone has high blood pressure or someone is breastfeeding?


Thanks for the questions. All our complete protein powders are fine to consume during breastfeeding and commonly used. 1gm/LB of lean body mass is appropriate for the days total protein intake including from food and supplements, with the majority of the protein coming from food – i.e. if you’re consuming 120gms of protein/day, your protein shakes/supplement generally should supply no more than 1/3 of that amount unless recommended by attending physician.
Protein supplements like ours (not spiked with other ingredients such as stimulants) are not contraindicated for people with high blood pressure. People on medications should always inform their doctor about supplements they use. However, protein powders fall into a food category but there’s no reason you still wouldn’t inform your doctor just as you may ask about other new diets or foods and how they may affect medications.
Hope this helps and have a great day!

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