I’ve been wracking my brain to help my one of my clients lose weight but little to no success... She is 40, 230 lbs, 42%bf, has tried so many different fad diets over the years with some success in the past and always puts it back on, several hiit style boot camps/classes. She has a slow metabolism and a sedentary job. I’m stuck. I’ve researched so many avenues.


Certainly glad to help within our capacity, mindful that she may require more "clinical" assistance based on her history of regaining weight. At the end of the day, it's not some special diet or exercise that will help her get it off and maintain it, it will be how motivated she is to comply to a healthy lower calorie meal plan. She needs to find a motivation factor that will keep her on course. Our job is to give her a program that's easier to follow so it limits the amount of motivation needed to comply.
The most successful programs for weight loss include meal replacements so I've placed that program below that you can add to if necessary. Additional supplements that may help with controlling appetite and slightly boost metabolism, especially if she’s not adverse to stimulants such as caffeine is ThermAccel, and an effective non-stimulant supplement is WeightLoss & LiverSupport.
Use the dotFIT program for monitoring and meal plan ideas but I've also attached on power point slides sample meal plans that included the LeanMR integration as described below along with great shake recipes. You should embark on this program together although your goal, thus calories, will be different but this will be helpful for her.
If this doesn't work, we'll get you/her connected to one of our clinical dieticians that specializes in these problems and you guys can set up next steps with her working with your client by phone or video.
I’m assuming your client will be exercising so I included AminoFormula for before and after workouts since it’s extremely low calories and will support her lean body mass while the LeanMR is for meals and overall protein.
Good luck!

Weight Loss & Health Supplement Program    https://www.dotfit.com/Store

•    dotFIT, Women’s or Over50 Multivitamin & Mineral, depending on age (see directions)
o    Take as directed with meals
•    LeanMR
o    Use as directed within daily meal planning (see below) and to make sure you get ~1gm of protein per pound of lean body mass (or weight if not overweight) daily from all sources divided 4-5 times daily
o    Can also be used as a supplement to a meal or by itself (or mixed with desired supporting contents) to shore up total daily protein needs
As needed
•    Super Calcium
o    Use if you do not meet the daily needs of calcium (~1000-1200 mgs) from food intake        
         -Females take 1 or 2 daily with meals; if you need to take 2, take one with AM meal and the 2nd with PM meal; Males take 1 only if necessary
•    SuperOmega 3
o    Take 1 daily with meal if not consuming 2-4 svgs/wk of fatty fish
Workout days
•    AminoFormula
o    Take 1-scoop ~5-10min before and may continue to drink during workout
o    Take 1 scoop immediately following workout

Meal Replacement Integration

Weight loss phase:
•    Meal Replacements (MRs) generally supply two small meals a day and allow freedom of choice from traditional foods for the remaining allotted foods/calories. Therefore, use as two small meals within any calorie restricted meal plan of 4-5 meals since it's been shown that frequent small meals are better for weight loss than fewer larger ones especially as it relates to satiety, preservation of lean body mass (LBM) and energy levels
o    Get LeanMR recipes here: https://www.dotfit.com/category-cid-1868.html
Maintenance phase
•    Continue to consume 4-5 small meals daily within caloric allotment that include 2 MRs for convenience and to help ensure overall diet quality while reducing food costs
You can go to our recipe section on the dotFIT website to get recipes with meal preparation instructions including meal replacement recipes: https://www.dotfit.com/learn/recipes

Check this File out for more info: Kat's menus and LeanMR integration slides.pdf

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