When I enter AminoFormula in the dot fit nutrition log, there is no protein added to my daily intake of protein. Is there protein in this supplement?


The reason AminoFormula(AX) does not publish a protein amount is because it is purposely not a complete protein as it contains only the 8-amino acids that are directly responsible for protein synthesis and therefore serves as a low calorie, high anabolic signaling product for activating muscle protein synthesis (MPS) beyond protein itself. Your total protein intake throughout the day supplies the remaining amino acids necessary for the complete synthesis. Again, AminoFormula (AX) serves to enhance the MPS process beyond protein alone or serve as a low calorie, high anabolic extra source of protein.

Below is common FAQ regarding what a protein equivalent amount in 1-scoop of AB, which is ~25 grams and you could add it in as part of your 1gm/LB/lean body mass(LBM)/day of protein needs although active strength/performance athletes still maintain the 1gm/LB/LBM/D of whole protein sources. And yes, you can use hot liquids (don’t boil it in fluids) with it without compromising the efficacy.

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Q: I wanted to ask for clarification on something I heard in the AminoFormula (AX) webinar the other week. Toward the end (in the Q&A section), I believe Neal Spruce said that one scoop of AminoFormula (AX) was equal to 25-30 g of protein. Earlier in the webinar he was reviewing his daily plan and he mentioned he takes 1.5 scoops before/during a workout and 1 scoop after, which was listed as about 40 g of protein. In the afternoon, he has 1.5 scoops, which was listed as approximately 30 g of protein. On the label, I see the 11.9 listed. My question is how many grams of protein should I be putting in my food log for each scoop of AminoFormula (AX)

A: Short answer is enter 25 grams for 1-scoop to be safe, but keep in mind you still have to include traditional food sources of complete protein in your daily meal planning.

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It is a bit confusing because there is no exact science to translating 12 grams of 8 essential amino acids (EAA) to grams of complete protein (containing 20 amino acids). These 8- EEA are all that’s needed for muscle protein synthesis (MPS) and therefore, extracting them from a complete protein, they can yield the same MPS result with far less total amino acids and calories. If you extract all the info from published studies you’ll find that it takes about 1-scoop (12 grams) of these specific EAAs to equal the same amount of the same EAAs found in 40 grams of complete protein. There are other properties/functions of complete proteins, so we play it safe and call one scoop about 25 grams since all we’re interested with AminoFormula is improving MPS. Try to keep complete protein sources at ~1gm/lb/LBM.

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