dotFIT Champions

We are very proud of our dotFIT All-Stars!

The following are a combination of our dotFIT Sponsored Athletes and Winners of Neal's Ranch Experience!

Brian Woodford, Fitness Professional

Marie Choi, District Operations Manager, Crunch Franchise

Eve Karlin, Senior Educator, dotFIT


Bernice Delos Reyes, Owner, The Mango Tree Fitness & Martial Arts


Casey Mitzel, CEO/President, MissingLink Fitness & Nutrition


Kite Richardson, Fitness Manager, Muv Fitness


Sabrina Martinez, IFBB Pro, CPT


Kevin Gregory, Fitness Professional 


Xiomara Colon, Fitness Professional 


Rob "Razor" McCullough, Fitness Professional


Jevon Berlin, CPT, Muv Fitness-Lexington


Jessica Feranda, CPT, Muv Fitness


Eric Brake, Fitness Coach, UFC Gym


Scott Pullen, Fitness Professional


Antonio Crim, Fitness Professional


Geams Gill, CPT, The Edge Fitness Clubs-Danbury


Greg Cameron, District Fitness Manager, Crunch


Antonio Morales, Owner, Fit by Morales


Brian Levin, CPT, The Edge Fitness Clubs- Cherry Hill


Donnie Oliver, VP of Fitness, UFC Gym 


Gabby Atnip, CPT, Muv Fitness - Spokane Valley


Victoria Kennedy, CPT, The Edge Fitness Clubs - Delran


Tanner Dean, Area Fitness Director, STW Krav Maga Worldwide

Derek Gallup, EVP Training & Operations, UFC Gym


Kate Brownell, CPT, Fitness Professional


Andrea Ausmus, Director of Fitness Operations, Gold's Gym SoCal


Jake Harfman, Fitness Director, UFC Gym


Dan Duran, EVP of PTA Global


TJ Ramos, Director/Master Trainer, Maximum Fitness Vacaville


Abbey Alexander, IFPA Pro, CPT Thrive Community Fitness

Marissa Lawlor, CPT, The Edge Fitness Clubs- Washington Township

Chris Rood, GM, Alloy Personal Training Center

Lior Barlev, CPT, The Edge Fitness Clubs - Deptford

Greg DiNatale, Director of Education, The Edge Fitness Clubs

Diane Hastings, GM, Stronger Personal Training

Hillary Mitera, CPT, Fitness Professional

Craig Pepin-Donat, EVP/Partner, Crunch Franchise

Krystyn Boon, CPT

Delise Johnson, Area Director for Fitness, Crunch Franchise

Alexandria Pack, Nutrition Specialist, Gold's SoCal

Nelson Spruce, Professional Football Player

Nastasia Liavas Genova, Fitness Professional

Chanze Patterson, Partner at Muv Fitness

Zane Spruce, Gracie Barra Brown Belt

Josh Rogers, Owner, Sweat 

Kimberly Zachry, dotFIT Sponsored Athlete

Nasario Mejia, Senior VP, Blue Chip Theory

William Coker, VP of Fitness, Crunch

Omar Perez, Fitness Director, Muv Fitness

Christine Solidum, Fitness Professional

Elaine Horne, dotFIT Sponsored Athlete

Josh Wheeler, CEO, Texas Family Fitness

Vince Pacleb, Fitness Professional

Andres Allen, CPT

Berlinda Castillo, dotFIT Superstar/Account Manager

Tommy Bastardi, Fitness Professional

Antonio Reyes, Coach, UFC Gym

Lauren Gamboa, dotFIT Sponsored Athlete

Carrie Rasbeck, Coach, UFC Gym

James Chang, dotFIT Sponsored Athlete

Steve Stonehouse

Dan Sessa, Fitness Manager, The Edge Fitness Clubs

Jay Aubrey, CPT, The Edge Fitness Clubs

Emily Jennings, CPT, Blue Ocean Fitness

Ian Branham, CPT, dotFIT Sponsored Athlete

Alyssa Burlakoff, Owner, The Pit Fitness Club

Mark Clark, CPT, Crunch- Northwest

Danniel Hutchinson, WFD, Muv Fitness

Cat Cho, Fitness Professional 

Alyssa Dixon, Fitness Director, UFC Gym

Yannick Hunte, Fitness Director, UFC Gym

Bryan Laskey, Fitness Professional

Marcello Hernandez, Fitness Coach, UFC Gym

George Pizarro, Fitness Coach, UFC Gym

Jamal Espinal, Personal Trainer, The Edge Fitness Clubs

Ryan Weiss, Lead Trainer, The Edge Fitness Clubs

Charisse Hayes, Fitness Manager, Muv Fitness

Spiro Nicolas, Fitness Manager, Texas Family Fitness

Barry Smith, VP of Fitness, Fitness Connection

Maggie Caron, Fitness Manager, The Edge Fitness Complex

Anna McCloskey, Fitness Manager, The Edge Fitness Club

Alex Wilson, Fitness Manager, The Edge Fitness Complex

Andrew Lanciano, Fitness Manager, The Edge Fitness Clubs

Jamie Baum, Fitness Professional

Nik Signore, Fitness Manager, The Edge Fitness Clubs

Caroline Lawo, Fitness Coach, UFC Gym

Mike Goodsell, Managing Partner, Crunch Franchise

Jennifer Joyner, Fitness Professional, Muv Fitness NW

Justin Gillespie, Fitness Professional, TruFit

Desiree Moreno, Fitness Coach, UFC Gym

Angelo Gilmore, Fitness Professional, Muv NW

Laura Evangelista, Personal Trainer, The Edge Fitness Clubs

Dimitri Triantafillopoulos, Fitness Manager, Crunch Fitness

Christine Adams, Personal Trainer, The Edge Fitness Club

Jeff Morgan, Fitness Manager, UFC Gym 

Jarrett King, Personal Trainer, Northwest Fitness Company

Sean Shumate, Fitness Professional

James Paisley, Personal Trainer, The Edge Fitness Clubs

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