I loved the results of CreatineXXL and want to know if the pills can be ground up and taken as a powder mixed with water or will this ruin the product or affect the results in some way? Will there be a powder form in the future?


Yes, you can grind the pills and they’ll be fine as long as you consume them soon after. In other words, grind them and put them in your pre and/or post drink or any other fluid you like when taking as directed.

And yes, we recently finished with the new powdered formula, ExtremeCreatineXXXL. It will be out in November and will also be NSF Certified for Sport.

Below is the Supplement Facts panel with the updated formula. As you can see it is a great stand-alone product you can adjust dosing as needed but more importantly, you can add more creatine (dotFIT CreatineMonohydrate) or more glutamine (MuscleDefender) as desired during loading or highly stressful training.

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