90-Day Product Cycling for Weight Loss (LeanPak90® )

90-Day Product Cycling for Weight Loss (LeanPak90® )

Recent science has demonstrated that certain blends of natural herbs combined with other safe compounds have the ability to enhance weight loss results. Proper use can significantly reduce the time and work normally required to accomplish these goals.

Make it Easier
For only 90-days, use your three dotFIT® assistants to help make it easier to work toward your goal. All three products work in different ways to get you to consume and absorb fewer calories while burning more. This makes the road to your goal smooth, requiring less effort and lifestyle adjustments.

  • First 30 days - use dotFIT FatRelease®. This product supports the body’s most active fat burning organ, your liver, and helps block dietary fat from being absorbed. As a result, the feeling of fullness is induced faster and for a longer period of time.

  • Next 30 days - switch to dotFIT CarbRepel®. This product helps block carbohydrates or sugars from being stored as body fat and works to keep food in the stomach longer in order to deliver an early and longer feeling of fullness.

  • Last 30 days - switch to dotFIT ThermAccel™, a natural stimulant to help increase your metabolism and influence you to move more while sending energy signals to your appetite center to help reduce intake.

Who should use the 90-day cycle?
  • Anyone who wants to lose weight or body fat and can tolerate stimulants such as caffeine
  • People who need help controlling appetite and food intake
  • Individuals who have reached a weight or fat loss plateau
  • Fitness models, bodybuilders and other individuals who require a low weight or body fat

Unique Features
  • Formula and recommendations are proprietary to dotFIT
  • The 90-day product cycling program helps keep the body from adjusting to a single fat loss method
  • All products are manufactured in a FDA registered facility, in compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) exclusively for dotFIT, LLC

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