Men and women up to age 50 would use formulas based on diet, activity and gender. After 50, for the majority of the population, the formula would be the same, with the exceptions being vegans (pure vegetarians), very active adults, and clinical exceptions based on medical conditions. Below, under the category of Women, shows the ideal amounts of vitamin and minerals that would be contained in a tablet for the average non-pregnant or lactating woman up to age 50. Under the category Active, you’ll find the proper amounts for all adult active exercisers/athletes up to age 65. Additionally children 12-18 would take a single tablet of the Active formula. The Over 50 category is for all other adults over 50. The formulas below are supported by the best current evidence and in line with Institute of Medicine’s (IOM) current recommendations.

Active MV: 


Over50 MV:

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