Nutritional supplements generally referred to as dietary supplements (DS) can deliver nutrition the diet often can’t to help improve health and performance. The function of dietary supplement preparations is to provide a safe vehicle for delivering precise amounts of desired isolated nutrients and compounds in a low to no calorie form with the purpose of enhancing health, sport and fitness goals, i.e. dietary support. Individual outcomes from the use of dietary supplements are predicated on the physiological and psychological state of the recipient as well as dosages, regiment compliance, manufacturing processes including the use of proper delivery systems, and ingredient forms or origins.

Position on overall dietary supplement use and recommendations

Dietary supplement products must be 100% defensible through scientific research, not used to treat medical conditions and only recommended in support of the following goals:

• Preserving health

    o Objective: potentially stave off chronic or age-related disease by improving the daily nutrient intake achieved though diet alone

• Safely enhance sport and fitness outcomes

    o Objective: hasten and support fitness/weight control goals

    o Objective: improve training-induced performance results

Position on use of supplements for health

Multivitamin and mineral formula (MVM): all persons of all ages should use a daily MVM to complement one’s best efforts to define and consume a proper diet. At a minimum, MVM supplementation is insurance against common and unavoidable shortcomings driven by typical daily diets and local food supply or availability.

Position on supplements for performance

There is unequivocal evidence that a limited number of natural substances prepared and ingested properly can safely improve training-induced size or performance for many athletes.

Position on supplements for weight control

The goal of incorporating a dietary supplement into a weight loss program is to assist the participant in complying with the daily routine that leads to weight reduction. The dieter would cease supplementation once the weight goal is reached or when they have their daily routines under control to continue making progress without supplements.

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