It can certainly help when the diet has very poor calcium content, but the body needs other nutrients simultaneously in order to maximize calcium’s bone-building potential. The primary nutrient co-factors are magnesium and vitamin D. Unless instructed by a qualified health professional, calcium should never be taken alone. At a very minimum when supplementing calcium also use a daily multivitamin and mineral formula (MVM) to make sure you get the all the calcium bone-building co-factors including vitamin K. Your calcium supplement should have some vitamin D and magnesium but the MVM will give you everything else nutritionally necessary to maximize bone strengthening/building. Also, supplement only 500mgs of calcium at a time because that’s about all the body can use effectively from one dose. Therefore, if your health professional tells you that you need to add 1000mgs/day of calcium in the form of a supplement, take calcium carbonate in 2 doses: one 500mgs tablet with a morning meal and one with an evening meal. That said, you always want your daily intake of vitamins and minerals to stay within the safe optimal range, which you can be assured of when using dotFIT products. All formulas are designed to work synergistically with other dotFIT products in order to avoid nutrient overages, which are common with typical, indiscriminate supplement use.

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