No, or certainly none that have been discovered. It would be great if there were such a pill.

Recently however, there has been a theory proposed that certain micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) may be associated with the possible control of food intake, lower body weight and less fat consumption. In population studies, it was found that male multivitamin & mineral (MVM) users are leaner than their non-user counterparts and displayed an increased relative resting energy expenditures (calorie burn). Female users were found to have a reduced dietary fat intake and less susceptibility to hunger than non-users. A subsequent clinical trial evaluating the impact of a daily MVM on weight loss found that the supplement users had significantly less hunger (users felt fuller longer) than the placebo group during the weight loss diet. These outcomes suggests that since micronutrients (MN) are involved in almost all bodily functions, the mechanisms that control appetite would be negatively affected when MN availability was suboptimal for these mechanisms to properly function. Additionally, similar to when calories are reduced we become hungry for more; subpar MN intake may also work to trigger hunger/cravings in order for the body to maintain its health. Very recently a well conducted study showed that consuming soy protein may dramatically lower bad cholesterol, even better than a low fat diet.

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