I have been struggling to gain muscle while losing fat. I feel like I have hit a wall at this point. Do you have any advice?


Gaining muscle while losing fat is difficult for anyone and the older and/or more exercise experienced you are, the harder it becomes to keep progressing but choosing one or the other may be accomplished longer term. In other words, use our program to lose the body fat you want and when you achieve that goal, pursue your muscle gain goal. That said, here is a complete answer for pursuing both goals simultaneously.

Getting Started
To gain muscle you do need to eat more than you burn - but to maintain or build a muscle while losing fat, you would consume approximately what you burn and add extra supplementation to feed muscle while starving body fat. The dotFIT program will guide you properly. When setting up your program choose the goal: “Gain Weight or Muscle and Improve Athletic Performance”. After setting up your goal, choose the “Athletic Menu” sample menu to use as template and substitute as desired.
See more below on your goal, using the program and a starting supplement program.
Building Muscle While Losing Body fat and The dotFIT Program
Building muscle while losing body fat, depending on age and training experience (younger and less experience the easier and faster the gains), is not often easy to accomplish because the formula requires a few components that you need to adhere to: 1) daily menu plan that has the correct calories, foods including protein quantity matched to the body composition goal; 2) dietary supplement program to feed muscle while starving fat – i.e. deliver high nutrition with little to no calories – meaning you will need at least a multivitamin and mineral (MVM) and extra protein to help recover and maintain structural and functional integrity (when calories are limited to reduce body fat, you also limit the nutrients that would otherwise be contained in those calories); 3) regular unaccustomed resistance exercise. Therefore, I have placed 3-options to choose from to accomplish putting your muscle gain and body fat loss program together. Additionally, I placed the minimal supplement program we use for exercisers to healthily speed recovery and results while supporting health and fat loss. Once you accomplish your next goal, you can include other helpful supplements and menu planning that we use for physique athletes and others desiring lower body fat with more lean body mass.
Note: Make sure you consume daily between all food and protein shake sources close to 1gram of protein for every pound of lean body mass (LBM) or body weight (if not overweight) divided 4-5 times daily including using your protein shake before and after the workouts. See below.

3 options:

1.    You can visit one of our licensed health clubs using the club finder http://www.dotfit.com/ClubFinder.aspx The expert fitness professionals in our licensed health clubs can give you direct service for all your fitness goals including nutrition needs (non-clinical).
2.    Alternately, if a club visit is not a viable option, you can receive all your diet, supplement and muscle gain (and/or fat loss) needs online from the dotFIT program. Go to the dotFIT home page and log in (using the icon in far upper right corner) and you will come to this page: http://www.dotfit.com/new-user-register (You may just click this link for now). From there simply follow instructions creating your program and setting your goal. The dotFIT program will give you the meal plan outline you can alter as desired with the proper calories, carbohydrates, fats and protein to get started, track intake and monitor results. It will also give you your supplement recommendations (I placed one below also) and exactly how to use them. Every week when you enter your weight and/or bodyfat, the program will tell you what to do until you reach your goal including recreating menus as necessary. Once you create the program and get menus, you can go to our recipe section on the dotFIT website to get recipes with meal preparation instructions including meal replacement recipes: https://www.dotfit.com/learn/recipes. There is also a complete exercise program you can use to create the proper program to accomplish your goal – and again, just answer the simple questions including entering your goal, and your exercise program will be created. However, if possible, we recommend one of our trainers to help you get started. On the dotFIT website you’ll also see a category called “Learn” where you will find many frequently asked questions and answers: https://www.dotfit.com/learn
3.    Reply again to this email or call us at 877-436-8348 and we will put you together with one of our phone coaches.

General Sport Health, Activity Recovery, Performance & Muscle Gain Program -Level-1

•    Targeted dotFIT Multivitamin and Mineral formula (ActiveMV, Women’s, Over50 or VeganMV)
o    Take as directed with meals https://www.dotfit.com/Store/health
Daily as needed:
•    WheySmooth https://www.dotfit.com/WheySmooth-Chocolate, Vanilla or Unflavored
o    Use as directed to make sure you get ~1gm of protein per pound of LBM (or weight if not overweight) daily from all sources including foods divided 5 times daily
-    If exercising use ~25gm 30-40min before workout & repeat dose immediately post workout (see below)
o    Can be used as a supplement to a meal or by itself (or mixed with desired supporting contents) to shore up total daily protein needs
•    Super Calcium https://www.dotfit.com/super-calcium
o    Use if you do not meet the daily needs of calcium (~1000-1200 mgs) from food/shake intake
-    Females take 1 or 2 daily with meals; if you need to take 2, take one with AM meal and the 2nd with PM meal; Males take 1 only if necessary
•    Super Omega 3 https://www.dotfit.com/superomega3
o    Take 1 daily with meal if not consuming 2-4 svgs/wk of fatty fish
Workout days
•    WheySmooth https://www.dotfit.com/WheySmooth-Chocolate, Vanilla or Unflavored
o    Take 1- scoops 30-40min before workout & repeat same dose immediate after
Fluid Recommendations*
•    16 oz 2Hr before activity (extra 8-16 oz 1hr before on hot days)
•    4-8 oz every 20 minutes during activity
20 oz for every pound of weight loss post-activity 

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