I just turned 55 and want to know what the best supplements are for a woman.


When comes to using dietary supplements, it depends on your current health and fitness goals. Therefore, you can use our program to determine your supplement recommendation based on your personal statistics, health screening and fitness goals (fat/weight loss, muscle gain, performance, etc.). See below for access. That said I have place a baseline supplement program that all women your age should incorporate. From there, you can branch out to other supplements based on specific needs as the your dotFIT program will discover.

Accessing the dotFIT Program Including Supplement Recommendation

If a club visit or training session with one of our trainers is not a viable option, you can receive all your diet, supplement and health, fat loss or muscle gain needs online from the dotFIT program. Go to the dotFIT home page and register. From there simply follow instructions creating your program and setting your goal. The dotFIT program will give you the meal plan outline you may easily customize as desired, with the proper calories, protein, carbohydrates and fats to get started, track intake and monitor results. It will also give you your supplement recommendations (I placed the baseline program below) and exactly how to use them. Every week when you enter your weight and/or bodyfat, the program will tell you what to do until you reach your goal including recreating menus as necessary.

Once you create the program and get menus, you can go to our recipe section on the dotFIT website to get recipes with meal preparation instructions including meal replacement recipes. There is also a complete exercise program you can use to create the proper program to accomplish your goal – and again, just answer the simple questions and your exercise program will be created. However, if possible, we recommend one of our trainers to help you get started. On the dotFIT website you’ll also see a category called “Learn” where you will find many frequently asked questions and answers: 

Female Health, Activity Recovery, & Performance Baseline (Level1) Program 


• Over50MV

o Take 1 daily, with first large meal

Daily as needed:

• WheySmooth (or preferred other high protein, low calorie protein powder such as BestPlantProtein or All Natural WheySmooth depending body composition goal)

o Use as directed to make sure you get ~1gm of protein per pound of LBM (or weight if not overweight) daily from all sources including foods divided 5 times daily

o Can be used as a supplement to a meal or by itself (or mixed with desired supporting contents) to shore up total daily protein needs

• SuperCalcium

o Use if you do not meet the daily needs of calcium (~1000-1200 mgs) from food/shake intake

 Females take 1 or 2 daily with meals; if you need to take 2, take one with AM meal and the 2nd with PM meal; Males take 1 only if necessary

• SuperOmega-3 Fish Oils

o Take 1 daily with meal if not consuming 2-4 svgs/wk of fatty fish

Workout days

• WheySmooth (or preferred other high protein, low calorie protein powder such as BestPlantProtein or All Natural WheySmooth depending body composition goal)*)

o Take 1- scoops 30-40min before workout & repeat same dose immediately post exercise

*May substitute favorite dotFIT Nutrition High Protein Bar based on venue convenience

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