I am highly allergic to fish, seafood. I see this product is made in a plant where these foods can be processed. What is the chance seafood comes in contact with AminoFormula? Is there another option?


It is highly unlikely for fish and seafood to come in contact with AminoFormula (AX) since AB is NSF Certified for Sport, meaning it’s manufactured and packaged in “clean rooms.” That said, we prefer you didn’t use it without your doctor’s permission. The dotFIT Recover and Build (branched-chain-amino acids or BCAAs) is a similar product and made in a facility with no fish or nut manufacturing/products. Also, make sure you’re getting enough protein daily including before and after the workout and use the Recover and Build as directed – i.e. before the workout. WheySmooth or Pre/Post Workout Shake work well for helping to meet your daily protein needs and for rapid digestion around workouts.   

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