The options for a healthy lunch or dinner are increasing daily.  You can have it all in your salad by adding your favorite protein like chicken, lean beef, fish, etc. This is a great choice since it is an easy way to get your important, often neglected vegetables and necessary protein. You can also include grilled chicken or turkey breast, shrimp, beans, chopped hard-boiled eggs and low-fat cheese.  Olive oil or low-fat dressings will add additional flavor without too many calories. 

Soup containing meats like chicken, turkey or beef are also a good option for a lunch or dinner.  Soups with meats can provide it all: energy via carbohydrates, protein and necessary fiber as well.  Make sure that you choose a soup that is low in sodium, whenever possible.

Another healthy option is a sandwich (which could go along with your soup for a  nice, big dinner).  Choose whole wheat bread and make sure the meat is low-fat as well.  You can add lettuce and tomatoes or other vegetables to help increase your vegetable intake for the day.  Low-fat cheese and low-fat mayo can be added as long as you stay within your total daily calorie limit. Use the dotFIT program to get full menu examples and find the calories you need.

Lower calorie Pizza (properly prepared) can also be incorporated into your daily meal plan for lunch or dinner as a healthy option.  Use whole-grain dough for the crust, vegetables, tomato sauce, lean cuts of meat and low-fat cheese.  Basil and oregano can be sprinkled to add more flavor.

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