Depending on your sport (not your age) and body weight, 55-70% carbohydrates, 15-30% protein, 10-25% fats. The longer or more endurance type the sport the greater the percentage of carbohydrates because they are the body's primary fuel source, which means endurance athletes will automatically have a lower % of proteins and fats.

Endurance athletes generally consume many more calories per pound of body weight than their anaerobic counterparts, meaning although the % of protein may be lower, they still may consume the same or more absolute amounts of protein grams per pound of weight. Just make sure you are consuming close to or at 1gm of protein per pound of body weight and consuming above 50% of your total calorie intake (TCI) in carbohydrates (CHO).

The published formulas for the different athletes assuming the energy needs are met (i.e. not dieting for weight loss) are as follows ( aerobic/endurance sports, CHO 6-10gms/kg/wt/day, protein 1.6-2gms/kg/wt/day, fats 10-20% of TCI. Anaerobic athletes/sports, CHO 4-10gms/kg/wt/day, protein 1.6-2gms/kg/wt/day, fat 15-30% of TCI. Using the dotFIT program, you can design your ideal sports nutrition plan including perfect athletic menus individualized for you with proper protein requirements, meal timing and complete food plans with the correct mix of protein, fats and carbohydrates. Simply fill in your personal statistics including age, set your weight/performance goal and create your program. The program will also automatically give you pre- and post-event eating plans including instructions.

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