Depends on how much total weight, including fluids, was lost and how long after weigh-in you have before the match/game. Generally speaking, other than following severe dieting, most athletes can gain back the weight by fully rehydrating and eating continually but comfortably up to 2-3hrs before game time. Eat full meals ~every 3-4 hours consisting of ~60% carbohydrate, 20% protein, 20% fats. As mentioned, your last full meal will be 2-3hrs before the event but 30minutes before the event drink a pre-workout shake.

On game day follow the below pre & post meal timing instructions and use the pre-workout formula shown:

Training meals and supplement timing instructions:

• Pre-training/event full food meal consumed ~2-3 hours before your major activity

– If your activity is first thing in the morning with no time for complete digestion of a full meal, use pre-workout formula only but eat your pre-game meal before bedtime

• Pre-workout shake/bar: consume 10-40 min before activity

• Post- workout shake/bar (same formula as the pre): immediately after workout

• Post-training/event full food meal consumed ~1-2HRS post training

dotFIT Pre/Post Meal Replacement & Workout Formula

• Take 2 scoops 10-40 minutes before workout or use favorite dotFIT® bar for convenience

• Take 2 scoops (or dotFIT bar) immediately post workout

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