There’s lots of folklore around this topic. There is only one tried and true hangover reliever but you have to have your wits about you before you go to bed (otherwise you will have to start at 2nd step shown below): take 2-3 aspirin with a pint of water when going to bed and repeat the process upon waking. That's the standard no-brainer.

Below is an extended program that can dramatically enhances the standard aspirin therapy, especially if you are not working on the day of the hangover, otherwise work in what you can based on your schedule.

• First, if possible, eat a meal before bed and take a multivitamin & mineral formula (MVM)* followed by 2-3 aspirin

• Second, after rising and again taking 2-3 aspirin, eat something that appeals to you, take another MVM, have 1-3 cups of strong coffee (caffeine can increase the effects of aspirin and vice-versa)

• Third, rest 2 hours (unless your job interferes - but you could nap at your desk ) then consume a pre-workout shake

• Lastly, 20-30 mins after your shake, go exercise. I know it sounds tough, but do it. After exercise you will be amazed how good you feel thanks to endorphins and adrenalin.

So there you have it - this is the maximum guaranteed relief method. Can't cure it, but can certainly get you to forget about it and almost feel normal - and perfect the next day (but that's not an excuse to drink too much again).

* Alcohol strips your body and brain of vitamins and minerals because they are needed to metabolize the alcohol quickly since it can't be stored like food, which of course is why alcohol gets you high and foods don’t.  Once in the blood, alcohol must be cleared before it reaches toxic levels. Since there is no where to put the excess, it's burned as energy but not as fast as it generally comes in - hence the "buzz". It takes many different enzyme systems that require vitamins and minerals to function in order to metabolize/clear the alcohol, leaving the rest of your body partially depleted and adding to the hangover.

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