Why do I start shaking and get nauseous when I do my cardio?

Why do I start shaking and get nauseous when I do my cardio?

Answer:  You are describing symptoms common to improper pre-workout food consumption. In fact, the symptoms are generally due to low blood sugar often caused by not eating before the workout. If these problems are not related to your eating habits, you should consult a physician before you train again.

Proper food planning
Ideally a pre-workout whole food meal should be consumed 2-3 hours before training. A pre-workout snack/shake is generally consumed 30-40 minutes before the workout. If you train early morning and have no time for a full meal, consume the pre-workout meal late in the evening before bed and only ingest your pre-workout snack before the exercise. You can use dotFIT bars or shake mixes for pre-workout snacks.
Follow your dotFIT Athletic Menu instructions for exact details and perfect exercise meal planning.

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The dotFIT program will provide you with reference menus and you can customize an unlimited number of menus to fit your lifestyle!

Arrange your meals around your activities
You must arrange the meals around your training session(s) as marked on the menu above the meals. Space your meals no more than 3-4 hours apart. Other than your pre-event meal and pre- and post- snacks, you may eat the remaining meals in any order that fits your lifestyle or venue.

Early morning training
If you train soon after rising and have no time for complete digestion of a large meal, make sure you consume your pre-training meal (or something very similar) as your final meal of the day, as late as possible, and consume only the pre-workout snack before your early morning workout.

Pre and post training feedings
The pre/post feedings or snacks are usually shown in a liquid form, but you may substitute based on preference, venue and/or convenience, any of the appropriate dotFIT™ foods. In other words, you may choose a bar as the pre-workout portion and a shake post-workout or vice-versa.

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