This weight loss challenge provides a reduced calorie diet by incorporating two meal replacement shakes a day containing 200-250 calories, one sensible meal for dinner and 2-3 snacks.  A fat-burner supplement and an omega-3 fish oil supplement are both incorporated as part of the challenge along with an appetite-control drink mix, energy drink and cookie snacks to use as needed.  The price for 30 days worth of the recommended kit of products is $249.00 and $747.00 for 90 days of products (cookie snacks not included -- see below for detailed list).  An online program with menus, recipes, exercise videos, a progress tracker and virtual community is included with the purchase of the kit. Multi-level marketing is used to incentivize participants to earn their monthly kit for free by hosting a party or signing up three new friends per month. Participants are also entered into drawings to win free prizes.

Upon review of the fat burner supplement and hunger control drink mix, it appears that the recommended amounts likely have no benefits based on current research on the active ingredients. The multivitamin and mineral complex is lacking in key nutrients that are deficient in the typical American diet (for example, vitamin D) and excessive for others (such as selenium). The meal replacement shake contains a blend of milk protein (12 g of soy and whey), carbohydrates (7g), and fat (1g), fiber (5g) from a patented fiber blend (digestive-resistant maltodextrin) and the sweetener sucralose.

How it Works:

  • Register online
  • Buy the Transformation Kit for $249
  • Have others join to get products for free or to earn money (multi-level marketing)
  • Send before and after pictures to be entered to win prizes
  • Use the online program, program guide (PDF), progress tracker (PDF), recipe book (PDF), one-week weight loss plan (PDF), exercise guide (PDF) and FAQs (PDF).
  • Transformation Kit Contents ($249)
  • 60 Shake Meal Replacements
  • 10 Shape up Health Flavor Mix-ins
  • 30 NEURO Smart Energy Drinks
  • 1 bottle Vi Slim Fat Burner (30 servings)
  • Vi-trim Hunger Control Drink Mix (30 servings)
  • Omega Vitals (30 servings) - need 2/day

Weight Loss/Nutrition Plan

  • Shake mix for 2 meal replacement shakes a day
  • 1 sensible meal for dinner
  • Fat burner - Take 1-2 tablets twice a day
  • Hunger control drink mix powder (30 servings) - use twice a day, as needed, to be added to meal replacement shake
  • Omega-3 fish oils (30 tablets) - Take 1 soft gel twice a day
  • 2 Nutra-cookies OR fruits OR veggies OR small salad 3 times a day for snacks
  • Neuro energy drink as needed for mid-morning

dotFIT Product Comparison

Listed below is 30 days worth of similar products from dotFIT. The key difference is that dotFIT products contain the correct amounts of proven, active ingredients, yielding far greater results for half the price ($122.95/month)

  • Lean MR (1.5 jugs for an equal number of servings)
  • 1/2 bottle (30 servings) of ThermAccel "fat burner" which contains the proper amounts of the active ingredients for appetite control and increased fat burning
  • SuperOmega-3 fish oils (30 tablets)
  • dotFIT program - nutrition plan, menus, exercise videos, FAQs, webinars, support


In short, it is very likely that you would lose weight with the Body by Vi program, but you also risk losing your hard-earned dollars while increasing your chances of nutrient deficiencies (which are naturally occurring during the weight loss process). Analysis of the Body by Vi supplements and nutrition products shows that they are lacking in essential nutrients, padded with excessive amounts of other nutrients, AND they are overpriced. We can get you on a similar program, with high-quality supplements and meal replacements, for literally half the cost. And we’ll never ask you to hold parties where you encourage your friends to buy things so you can make money off them.

Do Weight Loss Challenges Work?

Weight loss challenges have become extremely popular over the last several decades. Because participants can achieve dramatic weight loss results in a relatively short period, 30, 60, and 90-day weight loss challenges can be very appealing.

Anyone who participates in a weight loss challenge that reduces calories and increases movement will likely lose weight. The difficulty with many weight loss challenges, including Body by Vi, is they recommend ineffective dietary supplements as part of the program. The multi-level marketing system that is part of the Body by Vi program adds an extra layer of complexity for many of the participants.

How Does Body by Vi Work?

Body by Vi is a 90-day Weight Loss Challenge. Participants incorporate two meal replacement shakes containing 200-250 calories, one sensible meal for dinner, and 2-3 snacks into their daily diet.

As part of the Body by Vi Challenge, participants are instructed to consume supplements that include a fat-burner, omega-3 fish oil, appetite control drink mixes, energy drinks, and pre-packaged cookie snacks as needed. The cost for the recommended kit of products is $249.00 for the 30-day supply and $747.00 for the 90-day supply of products. Cookie snacks are not included in the cost of the program at the time of this review. Participants have access to an online program with menus, recipes, exercise videos, a progress tracker, and a virtual community.

This particular challenge includes a multi-level marketing incentive for participants. Participants can receive financial incentives by hosting a party or signing up three new friends every month. Participants are also entered into drawings to win free prizes.

Nutritional Product Comparisons Between Body By Vi and dotFIT

The Body by Vi program recommends various supplements, snacks, energy drinks, fat burners, and shake mixes. Unfortunately, many products lack essential nutrients, are padded with excessive amounts of nutrients and are incredibly overpriced. As a result, you risk losing your hard-earned dollars while increasing your chances of nutrient deficiencies (which commonly occur during the weight loss process).

Below is 30 days' worth of dotFIT products that you can use as part of any weight loss challenge. The critical difference is that our products contain the correct amounts of proven, active ingredients, yielding more significant results for about half the price.

Your 30 Day Weight Loss Challenge Recommendation


The dotFIT LeanMR drink mix was designed to support weight loss by providing a convenient, highly satisfying and nutritious meal replacement in fewer calories.


ThermAccel "fat burner" - Contains an energy complex of caffeine, green tea, and capsaicin to help you burn more calories. Helps promote weight loss and control appetite.

SuperOmega-3 Fish Oil

SuperOmega-3 Fish Oil - Made from certified sustainable fresh wild-caught Alaskan Pollock fish oil from Alaska’s Bering Sea. Supports a strong cardiovascular system, brain function, vision, and immune system.

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We encourage our customers to find the weight loss system that works best for their lifestyle. If you decide you’d like to participate in a weight loss challenge, we support you. When you use products that are safe, high-quality, third-party tested, and formulated based on scientific research, not marketing hype; you complement any challenge or weight loss program you participate in.

If you’d like a supplement recommendation customized to your goal and unique health history, access our Supplement Screener below.

dotFIT Program

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Our dotFIT program was designed to provide customized nutrition for our customers. Each program can be modified to support any weight loss, health, performance, or muscle gain goal. Our reference menus can be accessed by anyone and are perfect companions for any weight loss challenge.

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